Foreclosure Activity

Many homeowners don’t have the resources to fight their lender or even get professional help in attempting to save their home leading to more and more foreclosure activity.

Loan Modifications

Many lenders may have held off on filing for a variety of reasons, but recently that policy seems to have changed and more and more lenders are aggressively pursuing foreclosure, especially when equity exists in the property.

Foreclosure Counseling

With the significant positive impact of foreclosure counseling, homeowners were not only more likely to avoid foreclosure, but also more likely to find a permanent solution to keep them in their home without the threat of the home being taken away by their lender.

Why Choose Us ?

The Home Ownership Assistance and Preservation (HOAP) Foundation supports and counsels homeowners with the mission of stabilizing communities, keeping families together and avoiding foreclosure of “the family home.” We do this in a variety of ways, but one of the most important services we provide, free of charge, is the opportunity to work with your lender on a loan modification to get you back in good standing and potentially lower monthly payments or even principal on your loan.

Foreclosure Activity

In recent months, foreclosures have actually been on the rise, which is a dramatic shift in what we’ve seen in recent years. Many homeowners don’t have the resources to fight their lender or even get professional help in attempting to save their home leading to more and more foreclosure activity. An increase in foreclosures breaks families apart, displaces children from their schools, churches and familiar surroundings and can lead to family strife including divorce and instability in our communities.

Foreclosure Avoidance

Many, many foreclosures can actually be avoided with the right guidance and professional help, but there are so few affordable resources out there that families don’t know where to turn. There are also many predatory scams that serve to make the situation worse by actually taking every last dollar a family may have trying to save their home to be left worse off from the experience. That’s precisely why we formed the HOAP Foundation. We saw the irreversible damage the last wave of foreclosures caused our state and county including homelessness, divorce and the deterioration of many great neighborhoods. We needed to offer assistance.


You may think our offer is too good to be true, but we are a non-profit organization recognized by the State of California and we are able to offer our help and professional services at absolutely no charge to you, the homeowner. We primarily provide loan modification services and foreclosure avoidance counseling to get you the best opportunity to keep your home and maintain your family circumstances exactly as they are today. Again, there is no charge for our services either upfront or at any time in the process, we rely only on donations.

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Our Services

HOAP Foundation can help in a variety of ways by taking an individualized approach

Counseling Services

Foreclosure is confusing and the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. After an educational coaching session with one of our free counselors, you'll know exactly what to expect and how we can accomplish it together

Loan Modification Programs

There are so many ways to go about attempting to get your loan modified it can be overwhelming, we help not only explain the process in simple terms, but give you an idea of what the lender may be looking for to put you in position for maximum success and a positive outcome

Debt Counseling

Many Americans are struggling with the burden of overwhelming credit card debt. With credit card compounding interest rates hovering around 20%, it's no surprise that these balances add up fast. Talking to one of our free counselors about creating the best plan to deal with those debts may be the best decision you can make, we will explain all the options and find the best one for you

Maximizing Value

For many homeowners we speak to they actually have equity in their home! This may open up a number of options by utilizing the equity in your home to get out of foreclosure and put a solid plan together to avoid losing it all at foreclosure

Credit Repair

Another huge challenge these days is credit. Most consumers we talk to have had their credit damaged to a substantial degree by late payments, default and even judgments. With a methodical and systematic approach, our counselors can guide you in repairing and rebuilding your credit so you can start living a normal life again

General Counseling

Distressful financial situations are often multi-faceted where a consumer or homeowner is facing not just one issue, but all the challenges. This is very common and just discussing what's available and how to approach each problem one by one can add tremendous value to your situation